Vicon Equipment, Inc. | Systems
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Air side efficiency technology utilizing Multi-Parameter Demand Control Ventilation strategies to optimize outside air usage based on actual measured space conditions.
Aircuity utilizes a multiplexed, centralized measuring technology to leverage instrument grade sensing technology over multiple locations
Aircuity is utilized in :

  • Laboratories
  • Vivarium
  • Commercial
  • Education and Healthcare applications

DG Logik

  • Custom HTML5 Graphic Interface
  • DG Logik Web Dashboards

Distech Control

Digital & Web-based multi-protocol building management solutions

  • Building Automation Systems
  • Control Equipment – Temperature
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Web-based Management
  • Security, Lighting, Energy Analysis

Phoenix Controls

Your business demands precision airflow control for critical spaces. It is a matter of safety, pure and simple. Safety for world-class research laboratories. Safety for collaboration in the world of emerging sciences. Safety for patients and staff in state-of-the-art hospitals.

      • Critical Airflow Control Solutions
      • Integrated Laboratory Airflow (VAV / CV) Control Systems
      • Operating & Isolation Room Airflow Controls
      • Vivarium Airflow Controls
      • Web-based Laboratory Analysis


      • Certification / Service /
      • Commissioning-Verification / Engineering
      • Laboratory Control Training